How to Quickly Fix Facebook Comments?

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Learn how to fix Facebook comments on your mobile device. If you’re not being able to load your Facebook comments. If it has been a serious issue for you, there is a way to deal with this too. If you’re not being able to load your comments on Facebook then here are some solutions:

  1. First make sure to refresh your Facebook app In some cases, refreshing the Facebook app solves the issue of comments too. In order to do that simply make sure that you close off your background application from your mobile device, this will give your Facebook app a quick refresh.
  2. Open your Facebook and see if your comments are loaded back again if that works for you then that’s great but if it does not then the next thing to do is to clear cache from your Facebook app. Go and open your ‘Settings’ button from your mobile and once you open it up search for apps from the list. On the next page search for ‘Facebook’. Once you find it, tap it on and from the app info page. Click on the storage button. Tap on ‘clear cache’ at the lower right hand corner which will clear out your cache from your Facebook application. Now click on the ‘clear data’ button at the lower left hand corner as well and in the pop-up, select ‘Ok’ button. Remember that you are aware of all of your credentials for your Facebook account before agreeing with ok. If you tap on ‘ok’ and relaunch your application again but remember that you’ll need to log in back to your account again in order to use your Facebook app.
  3. The next thing to do if nothing else works out is to make sure you update your facebook app to the latest version. Open your Play Store and search for ‘Facebook’.  In the search box if you see an open button it means that your application is up to date and if  you see an update button simply tap on ‘Update’ in order to download the latest version of Facebook app on your mobile. Sometimes because of the outdated version of Facebook app you are using on your mobile phone, might be the main issue for your Facebook comments to not load within the application.
  4. If that still does not work then try login into your Facebook account with a web browser, since the comment issue might be the Facebook app problem. If you can use your Facebook with the web browser its just fine.  You can keep using facebook from the web browser until the Facebook application problem has been solved.

These are some of the fixes you could try out whenever you are trying to fix your Facebook comments which is not loading on your Facebook app.

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