How to Fix Facebook App Dispay Issues Online?

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I am going to show you how to fix Facebook app display problem. If you want to fix your Facebook app display problem then here are some steps for you:

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are connected to a wi-fi or cellular data on a smartphone. If you have an app display problem, turn on your wi-fi or your cellular data and once connected go and check if that fixes your issue by tapping and opening Facebook application.

If it does not then the next thing to do is to clear your app cache for Facebook app. Open your settings button from your android and from the settings menu go and tap on apps. All the list of the application that has been installed on your android phone will be displayed on the screen. Search for Facebook by scrolling through the apps and once you find it tap it on ‘force’ tab at the lower right hand corner. In order to first stop your application, tap ‘ok’ in the pop-up and from the same page tap storage. Now tap on ‘clear cache’ at the lower right hand corner which will clear out all of your cache data that has been piled up on your Facebook app, which might be the main reason for your app to be having display issue.

Next thing to do is to clear data at the lower left hand corner by tapping it on and tapping on okay. Remember to know all of your Facebook credentials before you tap ‘ok’ since all of your applications data including your login credentials will be wiped out. Once you tap on ‘ok’, soon after after clearing your data tap open Facebook. This time you’ll need to enter your credentials and once you log into your account your problem should be fixed.


If nothing else works out always make sure that you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of Facebook app on your android device. Open your play store and search for Facebook in the search box once you find the app if it says open it means that your application is up to date and there’s no need to be doing that right away. If you see an update button in green then make sure that you update and download the latest version of the app in order to work flawlessly without any kind of a problem.

Incase if nothing else works out, simply restart your system by pressing the power button. Tap on ‘restart’. Once your system reboots go back to Facebook and see if that fixes your issue.

These are some of the fixes you could try out whenever your Facebook app shows display problem on your android device.  I hope the tutorial was helpful to you.

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