How to Fix Facebook App on iPhone?

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I am going to guide you through how to fix Facebook application on your iPhone. If you’re having problem with your Facebook then you can easily follow some steps as we show you in order to get away from that creepy situation.

Keep reading the text till the end and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by hitting that subscribe button. If you’re not being able to use Facebook application like you’re supposed to on your iPhone and you’d like some fix for that then follow these steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to simply force quit the application simply close off your Facebook app that is running in the background and relaunch the application again.
  2. If that still does not work then the next thing to do is to fix your internet connectivity issue. Sometimes because of your poor wi-fi connection or your data issues you might not be able to use Facebook properly on your smartphone. In order to check if your internet connection is okay,  Open safari from your iPhone.  Try making a search, for example let me type in, if it takes you to the login area of Facebook it means that your internet is fine and if it does not, try switching off your wi-fi and turn it back again or try switching off your data and turning it back again. Now you can go and tap open your Facebook app and see if that fixes your issue.
  3. Next thing to do is to check restriction on Facebook on your iPhone. Sometimes the screen time makes it impossible to impose a time limit and other kinds of restrictions on the app. simply click on the “Setting” button and tap on screen time; tap on app limits and make sure that Facebook is not added there. If there is Facebook app added. simply tap on facebook and tap on delete limit.
  4. Next thing to do is to check for facebook updates. Because of the outdated version of facebook that might have some bugs, might be the main reason for your Facebook app to not work properly on iPhone. Click on the AppStore button and tap on the search bar at the top. Type in Facebook into the search box and tap search. If you see an open button popping up right beneath or right next to the app it means that your application is up to date but if you see an update button popping up right beside the app, it means you’ll need to tap on the “Update” button and get the latest version of Facebook downloaded on your mobile iOS phone. Now you can simply tap open your Facebook and see if that fixes your issue apart from that.
  5. If nothing else works out then you can simply get rid of Facebook from your mobile system. Press hold to Facebook app and tap on Remove app. In the popup, confirm your app deletion by tapping on ‘delete app’. Once you remove Facebook application entirely from your mobile device, go back to app store and try downloading the app one more time. Now simply tap ‘open’ Facebook. Log into your account and see if that fixes your issue.

Those were some of the fixes you could try out whenever your Facebook application is not working properly on your iPhone. I hope the tutorial was helpful, if it was go ahead and give us a thumbs up i’ll be back soon with more tutorials like this.

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